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Insulation – is a material of a building structure that reduces the transfer of heat through the building envelope.

Insulators are classified by structure, shape, type of feedstock, density, compressibility, thermal conductivity and applicability.

Insulators are divided by structure into fibrous (basalt and fiberglass), granular, cellular (foam glass, foam concrete, expanded polystyrene).

Heat insulators are divided into piece (plates, blocks, cylinders, bricks), rolled (mats, rolls) and loose (expanded clay) in form.

Insulation according to the type of feedstock is divided into inorganic (basalt and fiberglass insulation) and organic (wood fiber boards and polystyrene foam)

The most common representatives of heaters are:

  • Базальтовый утеплитель
  • Стекловолокнистый утеплитель
  • Пенополистирол
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