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Glass roving can be either one or several parallel threads assembled into a single bundle. In addition, the main parameters of the product include the density and diameter of the bundle. During production, aluminoborosilicate filaments are treated with special oils, which increase the adhesive properties of the material.


A product consisting of several threads is called assembled. It is used in the production of fiberglass pipes with a cylindrical section. To do this, the tow is wound around the workpiece and impregnated with binders (polyester, epoxy, phenol-formaldehyde or vinyl ester). For the production of profile pipes or fittings, threads are drawn through special rollers. To obtain fiberglass, weaving looms are used, interlacing the threads perpendicular to each other. The product obtained in this way is characterized by a strength equal in all directions of tension. Glass roving is also used to make non-woven material – glass mats. They are obtained from a thread cut into small pieces, followed by pressing and impregnating with a polyester binder.

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